#16: Good Guy

If only I wasn’t the good guy,
Oh the things I could do.
I’d tell you how I really feel,
Not just what you want to hear to ease your guilt.
I’d stop talking to you and ignore,
And turn away when you need me most,
So you can know what it feels like.
But I’m a good guy, so I bite my tounge,
“Because blood in my mouth beats blood on the ground”


#15: Calculator

Punch it in
Crunch the numbers
Work it out
Give the solution

No one ever thanks the calculator

#14: 7 weeks

Term is starting
Here comes the pressure wave
Time blurs by as it passes over
In the end, I’ll wonder where it went
But for now, I can’t wait for it to end

#13: Goodbye, blue sky

Goodbye blue sky,
Goodbye bugs and bees,
Goodbye white clouds,
Goodbye grass and trees.

Because for now, it’s wintertime,
The snow has come down so fast,
But we shall meet again sometime,
After winters icy blast

#12: The Bird

Broken bird, how weak you are
Rest your wings, soon you will grow strong
I will give you my love, my patience, my kindness
And you will be grateful

but still you will fly away

Broken man, how weak am I
I help them rest, help them to grow
I give them my love, my patience, my kindness
And they are always grateful

But still they fly away

#11: Fighting

Every day we take our hits
Uppercut for breakfast
Sucker-punch for dinner
And we look around for the enemy
But in the end, after all is said and done
We need to look no further than a mirror

#10: Winter Advisory Warning

What seems fun to slide around in at 6 mph
Takes on a whole other life at 60.