Monthly Archives: December 2010

Green Monster

The mighty Manistee grew tall before me
The overgrown underbelly of the forest covers my entrance
Before me stood a wall of green even a Bostonian would be jealous of
Given no other choice, I plunge in, headfirst.
I feel the brush fulfill its namesake as I push forward
I marched for hours, feet and back growing weary
Finally, unable to go any further, I collapse
and let the silent rapture take over
Looking up I watch the leaves wax and wane with the breeze
And for the first time, I beheld Oz, in all its emerald glory



Only a couple weeks till the official start. Consider this a warm-up 🙂



Take the Challenge!

Wow everybody, thanks for the great response and support! If you’re planing to take the challenge, please link your blog in the comments so I/we can subscribe and follow along. 18 days!

What is the challenge?

Let me introduce the idea behind this blog. Starting January 1, 2011, I am going to write one poem everyday, and post it here. This isn’t for charity or a bet, Its simply to see if I can do it, as well as better my writing. If you have any inclination to take the challenge yourself, I highly encourage you to do it and share it with the world.