Model Home

Every day they come in and admire your beauty
Exclaim that you are exactly what they need
They sign the papers and take the keys…
To the house down the street
Every night the doors are locked
And you are alone
A broken model home


#22: Roses

At first I saw you with a red-tinted hue,
Picture perfect and innocent,
But then the colors changed,
The prick of the thorn stung sharp,
But even after I removed the rose-colored glasses,
I still saw roses.

#21 We Almost Lost Detroit (Adapted Lyrics)

It stands out in the skyway,
Like a business from another time
Inspiring young men to ask, “Whats that?”
For their fathers as they ride.
But no one stopped to think about the workers,
Or how they would survive.
And we almost lost Detroit,
This time.
How would we ever get over
Losing our minds

Just seventy miles from Detroit,
Stands a giant factory,
It sits silent each day as the city walks,
Monument of annihilation,
But no one ever stopped to think about the workers,
Or how they would survive,
And we almost lost Detroit,
this time.
How would we ever get over
Losing our minds

The CEO’s of the Big Three,
Sure had green on their mind.
And what would Harry Bennett say
If he was still alive?
When it comes to people’s welfare,
Money wins out every time.
And we almost lost Detroit,
This time.

This “poem” is an adaptation on the lyrics for “We Almost Lost Detroit” by Gil Scott-Heron. The song was originally about the fears of a nuclear meltdown outside of detroit, but I think this adaptation portrays a much more real crisis.

#20: We Almost Lost Detroit (Original Piece)

Gil was wrong
It didn’t take a nuclear meltdown
to bring a city to its knees
Just an economic one.

Stubborn minds led to broken homes
The jobs that had been there for decades
Simply got up and went
To China
to Mexico
To The People’s Republic of Cheap Labor

In the dust and rubble stood Johnny Lineman
Wholly uneducated and unprepared for the future without Flint
This was no Katrina that hit the city
Only Hurricane Ford and the GM Earthquake
Yet the devastation was the same
Abandoned homes, scattered debris
Johnny Lineman became Johnny Vagrant

While the rest of the country turned its back
A first world city became a third
But there was no call for charity
No fundraisers in schools
Just a big fat check from congress
That served to reward the devastators
Instead of fixing the problem

And we almost lost Detroit this time

#19: Failed Hobby 63: Guitar

Alone you sit in the corner
In your plastic coffin against the wall
A six-stringed electric beauty
Cherry maple
Embedded pearl
A trophy of my ADD
A monument to distraction

#18: The Dichotomy of a Lemon

Alone you are so bitter
So yellow
So negative
Yet when put in the right situation
You are perfectly sweet

Which one is the real you?

#17: Blind as a bat

Oh you hear everything, every pin drop, every kind word
you taste the sweetness, understand its goodness
you smell the freshness, the novelty of it all
you feel the brush against your skin, the gentleness
but yet you cannot see what is right in front of your face